Koi Pond Filtration

Koi Pond Filtration

It is essential that every pond is built properly from the very beginning and for that reason we will help you plan and design your pond using professional equipment that is up to the job. Every pond is different and the filtration has to be matched to the specific pond volume, surafce area, depth etc. We can supply and install the equipment for your pond.

We have built some of the worlds best koi ponds including dealer installations and now we are able to offer a high quality reliable fibre glassing service using approved materials and our own fibreglassers.

We are one of the main suppliers of fabricated bottom drains, pond returns and skimmers. These items also need to be specifically placed and built for individual requirements.

We have extensive stock of pressure pipe and pressure fittings which is designed for use with chemicals used in a koi pond. Pressure pipe is the only pipe which can be used for complete water submersion. Water drainage pipe should not be used as this was only designed for run off water and should not be subjected to continual use. We have seen this type of pipe split and crack many times when subjected to continual use. Only use household solvent waste pipe and fittings for the purpose it was designed for. You can use the cheaper pipe for filter discharge to your mains drain.

Koi Pond Filtration Koi Pond Filtration