5500 Gallon Pond


I was contacted in the summer of 2010 to supply and install the filtration for this 5500 gallon pond. The pond was excavated and first concrete base was cast. The walls were then erected to coping level height and the external finished brick was built. On my arrival I had to plan where the filtration was to be placed as well as pond skimmer and returns. I installed the bottom drain and air line to allow the minimal space possible for the filter to be positioned so that it wasn't taking up a large area.


The filter and equipment are delivered so measurements can be made before final placement. This ERIC filter is the most compact and efficient available measuring only 2 metres long by 50 cm wide and 50 cm deep. There is no longer any need for large filter pits to access valves as everytihng on this new filter is accessible from above.


The 4" and 1" pipes exit through the same hole into the filter area. The black plastic is there to keep the pond dry of groundwater prior to fibreglassing.


All the pipes are now located in the area designated for the filtration and equipment. The skimmer is also in this area and 2 pond returns have been drilled into the pond walls. This area will now be levelled and a concrete base will be cast for the filter to sit on. Everything will be hidden from view inside a wood deck top and matching walls to the pond.