50,000 Gallon, USA


We carried out the plumbing side and aided in the construction of this indoor pond over a 7 week period. Building works was carried out by Saultman Construction. The pond was built to overwinter the koi from the mud pond and there are around 100 koi 30 inches in length.



12x double ERIC Four's

4x 110watt TMC U.V's

4x pool skimmers


24x sump pumps running the filters at 1400 gallons per hour

4x 3/4 hp running 4 skimmers

36x 80lpm airpumps


Gas powered greenhouse heater set at 65f

2x 180,000 btu boiler/heat exchanger


The system runs from 12 aerated bottom drains to each double ERIC. There are 2 skimmers at each end of the pond each one running through a 110 watt UV. 1 skimmer at each end goes to the boiler room where it runs through a heat exchanger. There are 36 80lpm airpumps each feeding either a bottom drain or half of the ERIC filtration system. The lighting consists of metal halides and heat lamps.