4500 Gallon Pond


I was contacted to help with the planning and installation of this attractive pond in South Wales. The pond was constructed by a local building firm and I instructed what was needed before my return to install the equipment and fibreglass the pond.


The pond has now been fibreglassed and this photo shows the waterfall awaiting rock placement and coping stones to the perimeter of the wall to hide the fibreglass edging.


The filter was installed on my previous visit and then the walls were built around it. All we want to see is the koi and no pipework or equipment.


This is the area which was to contain the 2 water pumps, 1 for the filter and 1 for the skimmer which is returned through a heater and uv via the waterfall. There are also 2 airpumps, 1 for the filter and one for the bottom drain. Its going to be a tight squeeze so lets see if I can get it all in.


There is just enough room for the uv so that means everything else must fit. Its compact and all equipment has unions on to aid in removal for periodic cleaning and maintenance. The area is around 1 metre long by 60 cm wide and 60cm deep.


The filter and equipment will have a bench top for seating to view the koi and one small section over the mechanical stage will be hinged for ease of cleaning. The filter area is very compact and little space is taken up to filter this relatively large pond.


All that is needed now is for the electrics to be installed and the equipment to be tested.