New Koi from October harvest 2014


All koi are now quarantined and ready to view


Nisai from Ikarashi Kazuto. Anyone interested please contact me



Nisai from Maruhiro, 40-45cm



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eric-logo.png   Come and view the ERIC filtration system and ask for a demonstration.


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Are you concerned about the ph of your pond ?  Do you add buffers to your water (kh,gh,ph) ? ph swings are dangerous to the health of your koi and can be caused by excessive rainwater or change in supply from the water board (kh,gh). A sudden drop in ph can kill the koi and also result in a filter crash.To solve this problem many koi keepers spend hundreds of pounds a year in buffers and test kits to keep their water stable.

We now stock ph granules which dissolve over a long time period to keep the ph stable around 7. The doseage rate is 1 kg to 1000 gallons with the granules placed in water movement (filter, waterfall etc.) inside a mesh bag. Typically the granules need to be topped up from time to time which is roughly a third of the initial amount added per year. There is no need to worry about your exact pond volume as it is impossible to overdose with the product.


pH granules   £20 per kg




 We have been very busy this year building ponds worldwide and giving valuable guidance to customers that are building professional koi ponds some in excess of 50,000 gallons. Once they have beenfully completed the photos will be available for viewing but in the meantime if you are deciding on building yourself a 'professional' koi pond then don't hesitate to contact us and we will help you through the build process and supply you with the correct equipment for your requirements. We are now able to design, plan and build your pond from start to finish.


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We are now the Uk's main supplier of fabricated bottom drains and skimmers designed by ourselves and used in all our professional koi pond builds. The drains and skimmers can be adapted to suit pond size for instance larger airdome and plate or bigger outlet on the skimmer to provide additional filtration. The bottom drain incorporatesa fully airated 1" line so does away with the need for running hoses to the drain. Please ring for your requirements as bottom drain placement is crucial to an efficient pond.



At present with have koi from Yagenji, Shintaro and Hoshikin along with other breeders from the Niigata area of Japan.  We have 3 facilities to view koi at of which 2 need appointments and the third is located in the new premises which is open for public viewing 6 days a week from 9am till 5pm Monday to Saturday.





 We are a young dynamic company supplying professional goods and services for the serious koi keeper.  


 The Koi Place is a family run business owned by Matt Cameron who has been involved in aquatics for over 20 years. Matt worked

and trained at Infiltration for 3 years under the watchful eye of Peter Waddington.


Hikari Wheat-Germ 15kg
RRP £179.99
Hikari Wheat-Germ 5kg
RRP £74.95
Professional Aerated Drain
RRP £155.00